The West New York Parking Authority

We have to increase financial oversight over our parking authority. We are advocating for:

1.) the dissolution of the "independent" West New York Parking Authority and the merger of all civil service employees into the Town of West New York. This will save approximately half a million dollars a year.

2.) Town-sponsored painting of boundaries for individual parking space on each street.

3.) Upgrading of current parking lots and clear signage/direction for residents and visitors to find public parking across town.

Labor and Workforce Development

Creation of the Bureau of Labor, Workforce, and Business Development within the Department of Public Affairs that will:

1.) Serve to educate our town's residents / service workers and their employers about workers' rights (for example: ways to prevent wage theft) and to support mediation of any disputes between workers and their employers prior to potential litigation; and

2.) Educate local entrepreneurs on the fundamentals of starting a business (finance, accounting, legal) and providing co-working space for local entrepreneurs to work and network.

Cutting Red Tape for Small Businesses

1.) Remove ban on storefront lighting, which currently hurts the rights of business owners to market themselves; and

2.) Create a functional team across the Departments of Health, Public Affairs, and Revenue and Finance to efficiently and capably provide local businesses with requirements to obtain Certificates of Occupancy and applicable permits.

Building a Committed and United Town Workforce

While the First Amendment grants all Americans the right to political affiliation of their choice, I will institute a strict 'No Political Retaliation' policy in my department. We will follow the employee's union contract by the book and institute policies that make sure all employees know when they are working. I will ensure there is regular training on customer service and technology to ensure that my employees' are best equipped to respond to constituents and advance their own careers.

Community and Economic Development (Parks, Waterfront, Transportation)

1.) Full-Stop on all PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreements for building luxury housing on the waterfront until we can figure out a better process for giving any sort of sweet-heart tax deals to real estate developers; and

2.) Building a community center for WNY's youth and families on the waterfront, so that our children can obtain equal access to the waterfront and the unique views and atmosphere that it has to offer; and

3.) Repairing and maintaining parks (in particular, fully revamping of the skatepark, tennis and basketball courts) on Boulevard East, including clearing of garbage and shrubbery to ensure that our youth can play safely in their town; and

4.) Town-run jitney service that will zig-zag horizontally through town to connect the entire town to the waterfront and vice versa.

Public Works

1.) Online ticketing process to report pot-holes, garbage in parks, and repairs that need to be made to parks and public buildings. This way residents can if and when their issues were addressed; and

2.) Strict ban on DPW employees servicing the properties of elected officials, relatives of elected officials, and real estate developers.

Seniors - Improving Services and Stopping Intimidation

1.) Reliable bus service to shopping centers in and outside of town; and

2.) No political campaigning in Senior buildings - Incumbents running for political office are not allowed to campaign in senior affordable housing buildings unless all declared candidates get equal access to speaking with seniors about their platforms in these buildings.

General "Good Government" Policies

1.)Ban on having the names of elected officials plastered on public buildings; and

2.) On any given day, the public shall have online access to the current members and appointees to any public board (for example: the Zoning or Planning Board). Currently, the list of members of public boards is not readily available public information.


Town-led effort to sponsor a non-profit run shelter and food pantry for the town's homeless community. The closest shelter is on 36th Street in Union City, but dozens of homeless regularly camp underneath the large towers along Boulevard East.